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Pendotion-EPK-Charlene-Web-Bio-ImageCharlene Sullivan
Founder of Pendotion™
Movement Specialist
Founder of Main Fitness studio, Toronto
Certified Fitness Instructor


For twenty years, Movement Specialist Charlene Sullivan has been quietly changing lives with her unconventional method of fitness coaching. Now she’s turned up the volume, branded her techniques, and is beginning to change the fitness industry itself!

Over the years, this Toronto born 5’3″ power house has racked up an impressive number of certifications. Her credentials include Medical Exercise Specialist, Yoga Specialist. BOSU Training, Personal Training, and TRX Training.

However, it’s her studies as a self-confessed “science geek”, that sparked Charlene’s awareness of missing elements in the standard definition of fitness.

The Struggle
Early in her career, Charlene was often surprised by how difficult it was for people to meet their fitness goals, despite their best efforts. For some people, the issues of weight, age, and pain, were barriers to getting fit and living an active life. Even people who appeared to be in great shape, would show up to her class with strains and injuries.

These issues caused Charlene to realize two important things. First, traditional approaches to exercise don’t work for everybody, and can restrict long-term vitality. Second, our standard definition of fitness is incomplete.

Watching so many different people struggle to get fit and stay healthy, Charlene kept wondering; “What are we missing, and what do we need to do differently?”


The Search
This is when Charlene’s mission to help others really took off. She began by submerging herself in all types of research on human biology and the science of movement. This included everything from ancient Eastern studies to Western clinical trials.

Over the next several years, Charlene’s perspective on fitness changed. She realized that embryology, evolution, and metabolic fluids are missing elements from our blueprint for fitness. With that in mind, she began to re-examine the widely accepted definitions of fitness, including strength, balance, and flexibility.

The Solution
Twenty years ago, Charlene founded Main Fitness studio. This is where she developed her own theories and movements, which she tested out with her clients. The result of this research and development is the Pendotion method of movement, and it’s revolutionary Muscle Reverb™ system.

Pendotion is a series of targeted movements that circulates your healing metabolic fluids, opens your joints to create new movement options, and challenges your body to increase strength, balance and flexibility. This method includes some very unusual, and deceptively simple movements, without the traditional focus on perfect form or statue-like stillness.

The results for Charlene’s clients have been astonishing, and even life changing. Pendotion has helped thousands of people prove that weight, age, injury, and fitness level are not barriers to easy movement and pain-free living. They never have been. We just didn’t have the right blueprint to fitness, until now!


Julie-Daniluk“Pendotion eliminated my back pain caused by a car accident when no other treatment could help! I now save money on pain relief with 3 easy exercises that I make sure to do daily! Thanks so much Charlene.”
-Julie Daniluk – Best selling author, TV host, nutrition expert.


Patricia-McCord-DC“Pendotion has proven to be a wonderful complement to my practice. As a Chiropractor, I often recommend Charlene’s integrated method of movement to keep my clients agile and pain-free.”
Patricia McCord DC, CCRD – Doctor of Chiropractic, Certified Chiropractic Rehabilitation Doctor


Pendotion-testimonials-Bryan-Saucedo-website-image.“Charlene and her Pendo classes have helped me greatly, on and off the field, allowing me to stay healthy throughout a whole season. It’s so unique and so new. I love it!”
-Bryan Saucedo – professional baseball player


Charlene Sullivan Quotes

“Even if you’re standing still right now, that doesn’t mean you’re not on a journey.”
– Charlene Sullivan

“While getting fit and staying fit is definitely important, it’s time to ask ourselves, “Who defined fitness, and should we still accept that definition?”
– Charlene Sullivan

“After witnessing so many people struggle to get fit and stay healthy, two key questions kept popping up; “What are we missing, and what do we need to do differently?”
– Charlene Sullivan

“Weight, age, injury, and fitness level are not barriers to easy movement and pain-free living. They never have been. We just didn’t have the right blueprint to fitness, until now.”
– Charlene Sullivan

“Embryology, evolution, and metabolic fluids are the missing elements from our blueprint for fitness.”
– Charlene Sullivan

“When it comes to not meeting fitness goals, sometimes it’s not an error in calculation. It’s an error in what’s being calculated.”
– Charlene Sullivan

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If you’ve taken one of Charlene’s many different types of Pendo classes, you know how insanely popular she is. Those fortunate enough to book a private session with her also understand the level of her demand.

In her quest to help more people more often, Charlene has developed a line of products called Pendo To Go. The DVD and  downloads are the perfect way to access some of the Pendotion workouts that people rave about in the studio.


Discover a new path fitness with The Pendo To Go™ Fundamentals 3-in-1 DVD. This collection contains three separate workouts focused on your feet, knees, and back. These key areas are literally the foundation to moving well. Use them to gain new movement options, increase your strength, flexibility, balance and unlock natural pain relief. Together they will also train your body to effortlessly support everyday activities and help to achieve personal fitness goals.

Each Fundamental workout is available individually for download. or you can take advantage of our amazing DVD 3-In 1 bundle! (Because who doesn’t love a bundle?) For details visit .


Are you ready to dramatically improve your fitness level? Then join Movement Specialist Charlene Sullivan and her special guest, pro baseball player Bryan Saucedo, as they guide you through targeted Pendotion™ exercises, designed for athletes and fitness warriors. This Pendo To Go™ For Athletes video will help increase your strength, endurance and balance. These exercises will also increase your agility, reduce your recovery time, and help you avoid injuries.

If you love other workouts like Pilates, yoga, HIIT, spin, or just being active, Pendotion is the perfect addition to them all. By incorporating the Pendotion principles of movement, you will boost the benefits of all other physical activities. Here is your chance to let your body convince you. This video is available for download on all major platforms through Vimeo. For details visit .

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