For over thirty years, Movement Specialist Charlene Sullivan has helped thousands of people to move better and feel better than ever before. Including people suffering with physical pain and restrictions. Some of them truly believed they could never improve, and were ready to give up. Until they tried Pendotion!



Below is another member of our Pendo family. Meet Bryan Saucedo! Bryan is a professional baseball player who began doing Pendo workouts to recover from an elbow related injury. Bryan has successfully recovered from his injury and was able to avoid surgery! Since then, he’s continued doing Pendo workouts to stay strong and healthy.


“Pendo classes have helped me greatly by improving my balance both on and off the field, and allowing me to stay healthy throughout the whole season.” Bryan Saucedo – Professional Baseball Player

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People at every fitness level have transformed their lives with Charlene’s revolutionary approach to movement and unique exercises.  Check out more successes from people who have transformed their lives with Pendotion.

Pendotion makes me feel completely safe. I've never hurt a single joint, and it's been fifteen years!
Before I started Pendotion, I had hip tightness, neck problems and back issues. Since Pendo, I have greater flexibility, movement, and increased Strength. It's been a wonderful addition to my life.
The worst thing you can do is put limits on yourself. We wouldn't do that to our kids, and we shouldn't do that to ourselves. Once you try Pendo, you will definitely know that YOUR LIFE CAN CHANGE.
As an athlete, I've been able to transform my body. I started Pendo classes 11 months ago. I've become stronger, faster, and now I can jump even higher. Pendo has also kept me injury free.
Whatever is hurting you, or how you're feeling in your body or about yourself... you can feel a hundred times better. I move as easily as some people much younger than me!
I've noticed that I feel stronger and I have more ease in my daily movements. So going up stairs, walking to the subway, and those kind of things are just with ease.
Pendo has helped me personally, and professionally. I teach all different styles of movement, from yoga to strength training. I've taken what I've learned into all of my teachings. The sky's the limit!
Before doing Pendo, I had constant struggles with back problems, and general stiffness. Now I have pure confidence in motion.
I'm a Boot Camp instructor, and I've been teaching for seven years. Boot Camp is hard on the body. By adding Pendo principles to my workouts, I'm able to help my clients how to move better, safer, and injury free.
As the years went by, my back got worse and worse. I got very frustrated. Since I started doing Pendo, for two years now, I haven't had that happen! I can shovel snow, I can rake leaves, and do ALL kinds of activities.