What’s Pendotion?

The Evolution of Pendotion™


For more than thirty years, Movement Specialist Charlene Sullivan has been quietly changing lives with her unconventional method of fitness coaching. Now she’s turned up the volume, branded her techniques to change the fitness industry itself.
Over the years, this Toronto born 5’3″ power house has racked up an impressive number of certifications. Her credentials include Fitness Instructor, Medical Exercise Specialist, Yoga Specialist, BOSU Trainer and Personal Trainer.

However, it’s her studies as a self-confessed science geek, that sparked Charlene’s awareness of missing elements in the standard definition of fitness.

The Struggle
Early in her career, Charlene was often surprised by how difficult it was for people to meet their fitness goals, despite their best efforts. For some people, weight, age and pain were barriers to getting fit and being active. Even people who looked “fit” would regularly show up to class with strains and injuries.

These issues caused Charlene to realize two important things. First, traditional approaches to exercise don’t work for everybody, and can restrict long-term vitality. Second, our standard definition of fitness is incomplete.

Watching so many different people struggle to get fit and stay healthy, Charlene kept wondering; “What are we missing, and what do we need to do differently?”


The Search
This is when Charlene’s mission to help others really took off. She began by submerging herself in all types of research on human biology and the science of movement. This included everything from ancient Eastern studies to Western clinical trials.

Over the next several years, Charlene’s perspective on fitness changed. She realized that embryology, evolution, and metabolic fluids are missing elements from our blueprint for fitness. With that in mind, she began to re-examine the widely accepted definitions of fitness, including strength, balance, and flexibility.

The Solution
Twenty years ago, Charlene founded Main Fitness studio. This is where she developed her own theories and movements, which she tested out with her clients. The result of this research and development is the Pendotion method of movement, and it’s revolutionary Muscle Reverb™ system.

Pendotion is a series of targeted movements that circulates your healing metabolic fluids, opens your joints to create new movement options, and challenges your body to increase strength, balance and flexibility. This method includes some very unusual, and deceptively simple movements, without the traditional focus on perfect form or statue-like stillness.

for Charlene’s clients, the results have been astonishing, and even life changing. Pendotion has helped thousands of people prove that weight, age, injury and fitness level are not barriers to easy movement and pain-free living. They never have been. We just didn’t have the right blueprint to fitness, until now!

What are the benefits of Pendotion?

Pendotion’s movements restores your body’s natural ability to adapt, grow and renew. Quite simply, healthy movement becomes medicine.

Each Pendo workout will:

  • Circulate your healing metabolic fluids.
  • Strengthen your connective tissues.
  • Train your joints to open and move to their full potential.
  • Integrate all your muscles and joints to work in harmony
  • Create new movement options.
  • Deliver pain relief to sore or strained areas.
  • Improve your ability to perform other activities.

What is Muscle Reverb?

Do you ever wonder, “Are these exercises working for me? Am I even doing it right?” With Pendotion there are no doubts, thanks to it’s revolutionary Muscle Reverb system.

Muscle Reverb is the reaction your body has when your intrinsic muscles are actively engaged and working. Your intrinsic muscles are the hundreds of tiny muscles located closest to the joints. They are often unused and ignored in traditional movement and exercise. Instead, people often rely on the larger muscles (i.e., quadriceps, biceps and back), to do all of the work.

With Pendotion, your intrinsic muscles are flooded with healing metabolic fluids and new energy, which causes them to reverberate. In other words, THEY SHAKE. In traditional approaches to fitness, shaking is considered a sign of weakness or a signal to stiffen up. Even though it seems to make sense, those are the wrong conclusions. When you stiffen your muscles and lock your joints, you cut off some circulation. This stops the flow of metabolic fluid though your body which stops you from creating new energy and pathways.

Pendotion’s targeted movements guide you to reach your Muscle Reverb. Once you get there, you simply relax (don’t stiffen), breathe and hold the position. That’s when your body is maximizing it’s ability to heal, regenerate, and grow. Pendotion’s Muscle Reverb™ system is your assurance that your body is actually reforming itself.

Who should do Pendotion?

With Pendotion, every fitness level, age, and weight will benefit. This is based on the ‘Whisper Principle’, which will fundamentally change how you approach exercise. This Whisper Principle recognizes the fact that adaptation and growth can happen with any amount of challenge to your ability.  Even tiny amounts of new movement will create results. It only takes a whisper! That’s why there is no “perfect” way to do any of the movements. You can hold on or sit down if you need to. Just modify the movements until you feel challenged. Your body will adapt and reform after that.

Pendotion -Different-Levels.-Same-Benefits"-web-image.

If you love other workouts like pilates, yoga, HIIT, spin, or general sports, Pendotion is the perfect addition to all of them. You will achieve better results, and minimize the risk of strain and injury.

What if you haven’t worked out in years?

Most beginners start to feel results after their very first workout. Not weeks. Not months. With Pendo workouts, nobody begins at the bottom. Instead you begin your journey… at the start. Where else should someone begin a journey?

Everybody can start to move and feel better today. It’s probably the opposite to what you’ve been taught, and believe. That’s what makes the Pendotion method so different. You don’t need belief, will power, or grit. You just have to try it and let your body convince you. That’s it.

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